MONSTA X ’s WonHo  while on V live which was aired on 7th of June started off by showing newly purchased Bluetooth speaker from Japan. He played ‘Who I AM’ by NIve as the first song.

While continuing his V live, communicating with fans, another member of MONSTA X MinHyuk  joined in.

With MinHyuk, Wonho continued introducing what he had purchased recently, as well as replying to fans request. And with one of fans request, he re-played ‘Who I Am’ and sang along with the song.

While singing along, WonHo and MinHyuk revealed huge interest in the song, They even discussed who is the composer of Who I am.
Known as main composer member of Monsta X, it seemed like WonHo tries to study as much as he can about every song he is interested about.

Meanwhile, NIve is planning to release more songs in the near future.

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