Which Female Idol Should Be A Top Girl Crush?

Last time we looked at which female celebrity is women’s wanna be. Now it’s time to see what female idols such as Suzy, IU, Krystal, Taeyeon and Hani win all women hearts.

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Some of the nation’s most in-demand female idols have been voted as the idol stars drove female to them. Until now, of more than 105,000 women surveyed by Pikicast, about 22 percent chose IU as their No. 1 pick among female stars, while about 18 percent selected f(x) Krystal as their top choice among female celebrities. The survey also showed that these idol girls even have gained both male and female fans, while about 17 percent picked Taeyeon. This top 3 are literally representative of Girl Crush.  

A dictionary definition of girl crush is feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level. If you feel these feelings that you are now having a girl crush on the female idol as follows; she can sing, she’s GORGEOUS, she’s doing an awesome degree and she’s intelligent. i want to BE her! If a sudden thought flashed across your mind, don’t worry, it’s not just you. That’s nothing unusual. Everyone do that. 

여덕몰이 아이돌 TOP3 아이유 최신판

Poll by. Pikicast

As you know Korea Showbiz is full of incredible women, among them, several female stars tend to steal the spotlight with their signature charm, like all idol girls in the ranking. Their good looks and impeccable manners for other girlsㅡ staffs, fellows, and fan girlsㅡ had always made them flutter. Here are the top lady crushes most women have : krystal girl crush

 So who’s your celebrity girl crush?  

Gays selected the best male entertainers 2014

Gays selected the best male entertainers on a big community site in the country.

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895 gays over the age of 20 took part in the questionnaires. Look at the result of the survey.  See Top 10 below

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10. Kim Young-Kwang

15Total 29 votes (3.2%)

Kim Young-Kwang is model-turned-actor.

He got popularity because he is very tall and has a cute mask.

He was selected by gays mainly over 30’s.  


9. Lee Ki-Kwang

kiTotal 37 votes (4.1%)

Lee Ki-Kwang is a member of BEAST and he has cute face and powerful muscles.

Gays like this factors.


8. Gong Yoo

goTotal 38 votes (4.2%)

An actor ‘Gong Yoo’ is also very tall and has a strong muscles.

The main attraction is his appearance. He looks manly.

He was selected by bottoms mainly over the age of 20.

He was selected by gays mainly over the age of 30.  


7. Song Joong-Ki

songTotal 50 votes (5.6%)

An actor ’Song Joong-Ki’ looks cute and polite.

His educational background is also one of his attractions.

He was selected by tops mainly over 30’s. 


6. Park Hyung-Sik

parkTotal 52 votes (5.8%)

An idol ‘Park Hyung-Sik’ has also cute mask and large stature.

Recently, he has appeared in Real Man (entertainment program) and he is giving off his charm.

His image stirs up the protective instinct from the gays.

He was selected by tops mainly. 


5. Kim Soo-Hyun

kimTotal 73 votes (8.2%)

An actor ‘Kim Soo-Hyun’ appeared in You Who Came From The Stars and he became ‘the nation’s first love’ for gays.

He is average in appearance and gives a gentle impression.

He was selected by tops mainly over the age of 30. 


4. Lee Hyun-Woo

hyunTotal 94 votes (10.5%) 

Lee Hyun-Woo is one of the rising star with cute appearance.

He has recently played a role of a gay in drams and gained massive popularity.

He has a manly cuteness not womanly so gays like him.

He was selected by tops mainly 20’s. 


3. Kim Kang-Woo

KANGTotal 109 votes (12.2%)

Kim Kang-Woo looks normal and warm. Also, he has a strong body.

Recently, he gave off his charm with the image of a thoughtful husband and brother-in-law.

He was selected by bottoms mainly over 30’s. 


2. Ji Jin-Hee

JITotal 128 votes (14.3%)

Ji Jin-Hee was called gay president and

he has always took the first place in the popularity vote for gays. 

But he has dropped to second.

The reason is expected that we couldn’t see him in broadcasting recently.

However, despite his old age, he is still popular with gays.

A reason of the popularity is that he looks polite and warm and brave.

He is loved by all ages and selected by bottoms. 


1. Lee Sang-Yoon

sangTotal 176 votes (19.7%)

Recently, Lee Sang-Yoon appeared in My Daughter Seo-Young and got a lot of popularity.

He has cute face and large stature and excellent educational background.

 He has all factors that gays like.

He is loved by all ages. In 20’s and 30’s, tops selected him and in 40’s and 50’s, bottoms selected him.  

In a word, he is the most popular entertainer for gays regardless of top and bottom.



  • Top Preferred Entertainers 

ㄴ Kim Young-Kwang, Lee Ki-Kwang, Song Joong-Ki, Park Hyung-Sik, Kim Soo-Hyun, Lee Hyun-Woo, Lee Sang-Yoon


  • Bottom Preferred Entertainers 

ㄴ Gong Yoo, Kim Kang-Woo, Ji Jin-Hee, Lee Sang-Yoon

The result reflects intensely personal preference of gays. As you know from the result, entertainers with great looks such as Won Bin, Jang Dong-Gun, Go Soo were not chosen and entertainers such as Lee Sang-Yoon, Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Kang-Woo that we can find in daily life easily were selected by gays.

Top 7 Korean Celebrity Girl Crushes

Have you ever heard of girl crush?

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When we talk about girl crush it used when a female is a huge fan of another girl and loves everything about them. Girl crush  usually based on veneration at some level.  K-show business’ full of incredible women, but some celebs tend to steal the spotlight with their signature charm. Who’s your celebrity girl crush? A girl crush can make you sweat or crack stupid jokes. Don’t worry, it’s not just you.Unlike most women celebrities, they have many female fans.  Although  they also are women, their good looks and impeccable manners for girls had always made them flutter. Which of these chic women would actually be your ideal partner? Look, we all know we are more interested in looking at female celebrities than male ones. Here are the top lady crushes most women have :


The Top 7 Women celebrity Crushes We all have  


1. Han GoEun (1975. 3. 10)


Many girls envy her body. One of them says, “I will never have her little waist or her abs, and I’ll never have her booty, but I have other assets, hopefully!” One of the most sexiest k-drama actress called “A Gold Miss,” she has elegant manners and an exotic appearance. Sometimes, she was cast in similar roles because of her chic image. 

* A Gold Miss : a single woman who is in the age of mid-thirties or over 


2. Song JiHyo (1981. 8. 15)


Song Ji Hyo has been breaking down walls in the entertainment industry, as “Ace” member in variety series Running Man. Song Ji Hyo, the tall, beautiful Running Man star is a smart, brave woman. The Korean people feel into love with her charismatic character. 


3. Lee DaHee (1985.  3. 15)

lee dahee

Lee, an actress known for her acting skills, has appeared as a supporting actor in various films. The late bloomer star is slim and attractive, with a strong and intelligent face. 


4. Kang Sora (1990. 2. 18)


She is so down-to-earth and elegant and has that classic kind of beauty. She began to grab the attention of the media because the rookie actress, currently appeared in the hit tvN drama “Misaeng,”was in the spotlight for wearing an H&M dress to the ceremonies.


5. Cheetah  (1990. 5. 25)


She’s adorable, funny, beautiful, hard-working, really kind and hot.  The talented rapper has skyrocketed into the spotlight through their participation in Mnet’s female rapper competition “Unpretty Rapstar.”


6. CL (1991. 2. 26)

cl 2ne1

Is it any wonder that the hottest members of 2NE1, who debuted six years ago has already garnered the adoration of  hundreds of thousands of  fans and is setting to take the music world by storm? She has amazing self-confidence for someone so young, and overwhelmed the audience with her powerful voice and charisma during the concert.


7. Krystal  (1994. 10. 24)


If Krystal isn’t in your girl crush list You need to reevaluate your list. Her chic aura is too much to handle. So many girls love Krystal cool but warm personality. She always looks like strong woman. Some people mistaken her as arrogant, but actually its just her aura. Stylish too. Fans all around the world have been rooting for a career comeback.

Female Idol Introverts Who Shake Their Shyness

Although they’re part of showbiz, not only are their personality uniquely acute among other idols but they doesn’t have many friends because of their introverted personality.

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They have become very famous, yet are self-professed as being shy. Like their appearances in the TV, introverts have a hard time being bashful in front of the camera and public, and are more private, and less public. Also, they take time to get to be friends before a awkward situation. What’s somewhat fortunate is that these female idols have exceptionally a lot of fans among so many co-idols.

Moreover, their fans say in chorus that it is ultimately charming points for them, truly, shy people can be found everywhere, even in situations you never thought they would be in, and that includes celebrities. 

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You probably didn’t realize that some of your favorite stars are actually pretty shy – in fact. So in the next page, there’re idol introverts who have their own shyness. Read on to see what this celebrity shyness is all about.

krystal chorong irene sohee.jpg

 Their similarities :

– Enjoy time alone 

– Consider only deep relationships as friends 

– Feel drained after outside activities, even if they were fun 

– Are often good listeners 

– Appear calm and self-contained 

– Think then speak or act


1. Krystal

f(x) Krystal is widely regarded as a reserved character off the field is known to show off much more of her personality with her colleagues.

f(x) krystal shy.jpg



2. Irene

Red Velvet Irene is shy in front of strangers ㅡat first but then open up later, have eternal youth, and like fabric softeners. She can also appear cold but is really warm and kind once you get to know her. irene shy.jpg


3. Sohee

Former Wonder Girls member Sohee is well known for being one of the introverts. She always look so shy and blushy. Currently, by turning to an actress,  she have shown her honest side through acting.sohee shy.jpg



4. Chorong

Chorong is so cute leader of APINK , who is being shy as usual with first one. Fans always say that she is just a shy, pleasant, and solitary woman.chorong shy.jpg

These female idols who live this way  may be extremely introverted and withdrawn, but still seem likely to remain very happy.