Which Idols Are The Dance Kings Of K-Pop Of All Time?

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Which Idols Are The Dance Kings Of K-Pop Of All Time?


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Dancing and choreography are no doubt, a big part of K-Pop performances.

It’s definitely an amazing sight to see an entire group collectively moving as one with knife-like sharp movements while the lighting and effects flash across the concert arena.

The US pop scene have legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and etc who have dazzled audiences time after time.

Likewise, the K-Pop scene has also shown the world that it too possesses idol performers who have exceptional dancing skills as well.

Below are some of the candidates that have always consistently been mentioned and nominated by K-Pop fans as dance kings of K-Pop.


Kai (EXO)

Back in 2017, the EXO member was chosen by fellow K-Pop idols as one of the best dancers in the scene. So it’s not just fans that believe him to be one of the best, but also his peers as well.



Hoshi was the second most voted idol by K-Pop idol peers as the best dancer back in 2017. Despite his young age, he has gained the admiration and acknowledgement as an amazing dancer by other idols.



Though much older than most idols these days, Rain was definitely know best for his amazing movements as a dancer back in his days of glory.


J-Hope (BTS)

As voted by ARMY, J-Hope as been officially declared as the best dancer within the group. It’s true that he definitely has been naturally gifted with the ability to move like a star on stage. The street episodes of him are definitely a sight to watch as he literally seems like a dancing machine rather than human.



TaeMin (SHINee)

TaeMin has always been known for his precise movements and was easily chosen as the best dancer in not just SHINee but within the scene. His solo works have always accentuated his natural ability to absorb a diverse range of choreography along with free-styling.


But of course, there are definitely several more idols out there who can rock a crowd wild with their moves. If you feel like there are other idols deserving of the title ‘Dance Kings Of K-Pop’, feel free to share!


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j hope bts love???????????????????????????????????


Kai <3 Voted as the best dancer by the gp, other idols and professionals since years.


taemin is the literal emperor of dance


j hopeeee is awesome