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Are you a texting or phone call person?

A lot of people, especially the younger people, seem to find texting a lot more comfortable than a phone call. For a particular WayV member, he seems to indefinitely prefer texting.

If you're wondering who it is...

It's none other than WayV's YangYang. When asked which of the two that he preferred, he didn't hesitate to choose texting.

So you might be wondering why he is so intent on texting rather than phone calls. Well, when you are a famous K-Pop idol, you might sometimes have to deal with creepy sasaengs or strangers who somehow acquire your phone number and call.

YangYang revealed that he often gets these types of phone calls, and he gets scared whenever he answers them.


There has even been an instance where a sasaeng fan purchased a plane ticket and sat next to him. How on earth they found out about his itinerary is a mystery.

Which WayV Member Is Afraid To Pick Up His Phone?


You can check out YangYang answering other questions in the This or That interview below!

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Feb 27, 2021 01:54 pm

Lucas Wong