Who Are The Tallest And Shortest BTOB?

BTOB is a unique group among so many idol groups. Thier distinctive characteristics as well as ability as artists leave us with no choice to but love them. 

Despite their ability to rap and sing, they are famously known for being hilarious, or some say, mad. They also admitted that they consist ed of 7 craziness. Each member has their own bold colors, but oddly, they get along with each other so well. The staffs who have worked with them say, “Once you start working with BTOB, you have to give up staying sane.” Their insanity continues on to stages, giving out great energy. Though we had BTOB’s comeback not long ago, we can’t help missing the loud mad energy they give on stages.  

Anyways, when we look at BTOB members, one thing we find quite similar among members is height. We don’t see much difference in members and that could probably be because of the shoe insert. So, to gratify your curiosities here is a height chart of BTOB! 

BTOB, BTOB Profile, BTOB Height, Seo EunKwang, Lee MinHyuk, Lee ChangSeob, Jung IllHoon, Yook SeongJae, Peniel


SungJae, the youngest member is the tallest being 180 cm  (5.9 ft).  ChangSeob, our leader, follows up by being 177cm (5.8 ft). Peniel and IlHoon are right in the middle, both being as tall as 176cm  (5.77 ft).  HyunSik is the third from the smallest, 175 cm (5. 74 ft) and MinHyuk, the second to the smallest is as tall as 173 cm (5.67 ft). Our dear EunKwang is the smallest member among BTOB, being 171 cm (5.61 ft). 

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The Three Distinct Characteristic Heights of Male K-Pop Idols

Regardless to their heights, here are several K-Pop idols looking awesome and gorgeous. Kpopmap just divided our favorite K-Pop male idols by their heights (and we did it based on their official profiles).

You might know there are some male idols who are not that tall but still perfect and sexy. Actually, different from expectation that ‘male idols should be tall’, lots of idols look nice with not that long legs. Because they already got so many other charming points.

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Let’s see how gorgeous K-Pop male idols look through the sort by their heights.


1. The Petites : JinHwan of iKON & TaeIl of BLOCK B & Woozi of SEVENTEEN

Idols in this range are so-called fairy-idols because of their petite and cute looks. They look taller when they are alone than with other members because they have so small faces compared to other body parts. Over 160 cm and under 170 cm!


JinHwan of iKON

ikon, 2017 ikon,, jinhwan, ikon jinhwan, 2017 kpop, kpop

fn star


TaeIl of BLOCK B

taeil, block b, 2017 block b, 2017 kpop, kpop, kpop idols




wooji, seventeen, 2017 seventeen, 2017 idols



2. The Average Avengers : KiKwang of HIGHLIGHT & G-Dragon of BIGBANG & JungKook of BTS

The average of K-Pop male idols’ heights is between 170 cm and 180 cm.  



kikwang, highlight, 2017 highlight, 2017 kpop idols

asia today


G-Dragon of BIGBANG 

gdragon, 2017 gdragon, bigbang, 2017 bigbang, 2017 kpop idols

captain g


JungKook of BTS

jungkook, 2017 jungkook, 2017 bts, bts, 2017 kpop idols




3. The Giants : Song Mino of WINNER & ChanYeol of EXO & JungShin of CN blue 

Even though idols in this range are not models, whenever they walk nonchalantly they look perfectly professional models. Over 180 cm idols!


Song Mino of WINNER

song minho, winner song minho, 2017 winner, 2017 song minho, yg idols

let’s minho


ChanYeol of EXO

exo, chanyeol, exo chanyeol, 2017 exo, 2017 chanyeol, 2017 kpop



JungShin of CN blue 

lee jungshin, jungshin, cn blue, 2017 cn blue, 2017 jungshin

Who Are The Tallest And Shortest INFINITE?

It’s been a long time since we saw INFINITE performing as a whole. There was no news of comeback after their last album released last year.

Though we check them out in their Instagram or Twitter, or on TV programs sometimes, we can’t help missing them performing as a group. INFINITE is an irreplaceable group who first started the “Army Dance Idol.” By army dance idol, people meant that their dance movements are exact in every angle especially the sophisticated movements. They look no different from each other in dance moves and that’s something hard to attain, it would need numerous practices. 

Fans miss INFINITE on stage showing the awesome dance moves that awed them and the great voices harmonized. So, here is something to check while waiting for their comeback!

The Height Chart of INFINITE

INFINITE, INFINITE Profile, INFINITE Height, SungKyu, HoYa, L, Jang DongWoo, Nam WooHyun, Lee SeongJong, Lee SeongYeol


The tallest as we know is Lee SungYeol being 6 ft, followed by L being 5.9 ft. Lee SungJong grew a lot compare to the time he debuted, now about 5.87 ft. HoYa and SungKyu follows, being in the same height of 5.83 ft. Nam WooHyun is the second to the smallest 5.77 ft and our dear Jang DongWoo is 5.74 ft being the smallest.

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