Who Are The Tallest And Shortest Mamamoo?




Who Are The Tallest And Shortest Mamamoo?

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Though you may not be the fan of Mamamoo, I bet you’ve heard of ‘Taller than You’ of Mamamoo.

It’s a song about members trying to appeal that they are taller than the other member. When we listen to the song, we may think that they are quite tall, or at least Moon Byul is. Moon Byul, as the tallest member, sings about how small the members are. However, the fact is that all members just have 1cm gaps. But we can’t really notice who’s tall and small from their stages or fan meetings because they are either sat or in heels. 

Then what about the official profile? Well, official profiles are easily “made” especially in height and weight. A lot of idols make their heights taller than they really are and thinner than they really are. This was also the case for Mamamoo as of height section. According the official profile, Moon Byul is 165  cm, Solar 163 cm, HwaSa 162 cm and Wheein is same with HwaSa.

However, in the music video of ‘Taller than You’, they bring out a profile written by themselves HONESTLY. Here is  picture with their real heights!

Who Are The Tallest And Shortest Mamamoo?


Moon Byul is the tallest being 162 cm (5.3 ft), followed by Solar being 161 cm (5.28 ft), Hwasa being 160 cm (5.24 ft) and Wheein being the shortest is 159 cm (5.21 ft).

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