Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest Apink?

Do you know what happens to best friends? They slowly resemble each other. What about those who became friends and they have nothing in common?  If you look deep into them, they may turn alike in a physical way.

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For girls, when we stick with a friend much, our biology notices the friend’s biology and somehow go together, catching up with each others’ date of having a period. Isn’t our bodies so amazing in that sense? 

Guess what. It’s not only the period cycle that matches up with those next to ya. Sometimes, you get that with heights as well! (I mean if you guys are still growing. You don’t grow when you are over 23 so as I heard.)

Apink members seem to have proven this theory. They’ve been stuck with each other like it or not, since they were trainees and the long time passed since the debut. Also, they are one the idol group which members really care for each other and don’t get into cat fights. Because of such environments, the height chart of Apink is something very peculiar. 

Apink, Apink 2017 Comeback, Apink Five, Apink Moments, Apink Height Chart


There are six members in Apink and we see three couples who are of same height! I mean this cannot be explained by anything but the magic of nature!

The tallest members are NaEun and HaYoung, as tall as 167 cm which is 5.47 ft. The members right in the middle are NamJoo and ChoRong, being as tall as 165 cm (5.41 ft). Now, the shortest members are BoMi and EunJi with the height of 163 cm (5.34 ft). 

163cm (5.34 ft) as the smallest in a group is actually tall compared to the smallest of other groups!

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Who Are The Tallest And Shortest SNSD?

SNSD is having their 10th-anniversary come back soon and fans are pulling their fingers out in order not to miss the smallest details of it. 

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Celebrating 10th year is a big deal for everyone, and for SNSD as well. They’ve started as a large group when duets or group of four were making big hits. They’ve basically started the fashion of “large group” in idol industry.

Their songs have been endlessly making hits since their debut, building their own identity that no girl group caught up with. Though there were some ups and downs through the 10 years of history, they are still one of the long survived and dearly loved idol group in K-pop. 

Since it’s been already 10 years that they were with us and we think we know every detail about SNSD, sometimes, small details can be forgotten or missed! Here is a height chart of SNSD! 

SNSD, SNSD Comeback 2017, SNSD 10th Year, SNSD Height Chart


The tallest member is SooYoung, being 170 cm (5.59 ft). SeoHyun, though the youngest, has grown up to be 168 cm (5.51 ft) and YuRi, not showing much difference with her, is about  167 cm (5.47 ft). Our goddess YoonA is also taller than the average height, being about 166 cm (5.44 ft). From here, we’ve only got the cute members left. The besties inside SNSD, Tiffany and TaeYeon are both of 162cm (5.31 ft), followed by HyoYeon of 160 cm (5.24 ft). The smallest members, as we’ve guessed, is Sunny! She is 158 cm (5.18 ft) tall!

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Who Are The Tallest And Shortest Red Velvet?

When we look at stages or photos of Red Velvet, they seem quite tall or at least of an average height of 163 cm, 5.3 ft. 

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Joy is for sure tall since every member, even other girl idols standing next to her looks small. Well, if Joy’s the tall one, does that mean the other members just look small comparatively and have be at in average heights? Actually, the answer is NO. Due to their body proportions like having long legs and small face, they do not look so small. However, surprisingly, if they come down from the heels, they are probably one of the smallest girl groups!

Than why didn’t they look so small? It’s because other than Joy, all four are all equally small. There is no middle between Joy and the rest which tricked us to think that they look comparatively small, not just small!

Here is a height char of Red Velvet!

Red Velvet, Red Velvet Profile, SeulGii, Irene, YeRi, Joy

The tallest Joy is 167 cm (5.47 ft), quite tall for a girl in Korea. Next is SeulGi of 162 cm (5.31 ft), followed by YeRi of 158 cm (5.18 ft). The second to the smallest is our dear leader Irene, 156 cm (5.11 ft) and the smallest is Wendy of 155 cm (5.08 ft)!

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