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Do you know what happens to best friends? They slowly resemble each other. What about those who became friends and they have nothing in common?  If you look deep into them, they may turn alike in a physical way.

For girls, when we stick with a friend much, our biology notices the friend's biology and somehow go together, catching up with each others' date of having a period. Isn't our bodies so amazing in that sense? 

Guess what. It's not only the period cycle that matches up with those next to ya. Sometimes, you get that with heights as well! (I mean if you guys are still growing. You don't grow when you are over 23 so as I heard.)

Apink members seem to have proven this theory. They've been stuck with each other like it or not, since they were trainees and the long time passed since the debut. Also, they are one the idol group which members really care for each other and don't get into cat fights. Because of such environments, the height chart of Apink is something very peculiar. 

Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest Apink?


There are six members in Apink and we see three couples who are of same height! I mean this cannot be explained by anything but the magic of nature!

The tallest members are NaEun and HaYoung, as tall as 167 cm which is 5.47 ft. The members right in the middle are NamJoo and ChoRong, being as tall as 165 cm (5.41 ft). Now, the shortest members are BoMi and EunJi with the height of 163 cm (5.34 ft). 

163cm (5.34 ft) as the smallest in a group is actually tall compared to the smallest of other groups!

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Sep 8, 2017 09:16 pm

you cant measure or assume their heights based on this pic. You need to find a better than this which is fair to see everyone's height