Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest TWICE?

After their successful debut in Japan, TWICE is now preparing for their comeback in October. 

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TWICE, despite the short period since their debut, has grown into one of the largest group in Korea. When we say “large”, it’s not the number of members, but the fans they have, the income, the stock and everything else. The stock price can’t tell everything, but it does tell how fiscally influential they are, not only inside Korea but in other countries as well. Not only fans and music industries but also other corporates such as cosmetics and fashions show deep interest in and pay close attention to them.

Now, since TWICE has become a trend and a brand, it’s important that we know every detail about them if we are to become a fan! 

Why don’t we start off with the most basic information, height.

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The tallest member is ironically the youngest, Tzuyu, being as tall as 170 cm (5.57 ft). JeongYeon is up next, being as tall as 167 cm (5.47 ft). Showing quite a difference from here, Mina stands as tall as 165 cm (5.41 ft), being the third tallest member. NaYeon follows next, being 164 cm (5.38 ft) and Sana stands right next to her, being 163 cm (5.34 ft). Momo, who is  162 cm (5.31 ft) and JiHyo, who is 160 cm (5.24 ft) are the two last members in 160s. ChaeYeong,159 cm (5.21 ft),  stands a little taller than the shortest DaHyun, who is as tall as 158 cm (5.18 ft).

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Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest Apink?

Do you know what happens to best friends? They slowly resemble each other. What about those who became friends and they have nothing in common?  If you look deep into them, they may turn alike in a physical way.

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For girls, when we stick with a friend much, our biology notices the friend’s biology and somehow go together, catching up with each others’ date of having a period. Isn’t our bodies so amazing in that sense? 

Guess what. It’s not only the period cycle that matches up with those next to ya. Sometimes, you get that with heights as well! (I mean if you guys are still growing. You don’t grow when you are over 23 so as I heard.)

Apink members seem to have proven this theory. They’ve been stuck with each other like it or not, since they were trainees and the long time passed since the debut. Also, they are one the idol group which members really care for each other and don’t get into cat fights. Because of such environments, the height chart of Apink is something very peculiar. 

Apink, Apink 2017 Comeback, Apink Five, Apink Moments, Apink Height Chart


There are six members in Apink and we see three couples who are of same height! I mean this cannot be explained by anything but the magic of nature!

The tallest members are NaEun and HaYoung, as tall as 167 cm which is 5.47 ft. The members right in the middle are NamJoo and ChoRong, being as tall as 165 cm (5.41 ft). Now, the shortest members are BoMi and EunJi with the height of 163 cm (5.34 ft). 

163cm (5.34 ft) as the smallest in a group is actually tall compared to the smallest of other groups!

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Who Are The Tallest And Shortest HIGHLIGHT?

HIGHLIGHT brought such huge joy to fans when they debuted again this year, 2017. 

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After their disbandment of BEAST, they have made their own label, Around Us, and debuted as HIGHLIGHT. The five boys are just one of a kind among so many boy groups. They’ve got this relaxed energy but at the same time very energetic. Not to mention hilarious yet hot. There aren’t many groups who can show both factors, having charisma and being hilarious since they are very contradictory. However, when we see HIGHLIGHT on stage, they give off this power vibe and strong energy that makes them look so charismatic though they don’t try. Yet, when they come down from the stage, they are just like our little brothers who love to do goofy things.

 Now, from the years of performing as BEAST, we may think we know everything about them! However, we might have missed a detail about them, so let’s find out one by one!


HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT Height Chart, YoSeob, DuJun, JunHyung, DongWoon, KiKwang, Kpop Idol Chart


The tallest member is ironically the youngest, DongWoon, being 181 cm (5.93 ft). Following next to him are DuJun and JunHyung, both of the same height, 178 cm (5.83 ft). Next up is already the shortest members! YoSeob and KiKwang are also of the same height, 170 cm (5.57 ft)! 

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