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Although it's not been long since Weki Meki has debuted, a lot of K-Pop fans have their eyes and interest on the group.

 Weki Meki consists of 8 members, two of them, Kim DoYeon and Choi YooJung, are already well known to us even before their debut. Fans of DoYeon and YooJung were expecting their debut as soon as I.O.I disbanded, however, it took a while to gather six more girls and come on the stage as one. The overall age of the group is very young considering the fact that their eldest is 21 (in 2017). 

Since girls are just over 20 or are teenagers, their height chart may have some changes due to their growth! UmJi of GFriend started off in the same height as EunHa, but look where she is now! Like UmJi, girls of Weki Meki have a high possibility of growth, but at least this is a fact for the year of 2017.

Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest Weki Meki?


The tallest member, as we all have expected, is DoYeon. She has the proportion of a model with her height of 173 cm (5.67 ft). Rest of the members are in 160s. The second tallest is Lucy, being  168 cm (5.51 ft), followed by , LuA, who is 166 cm (5.44 ft) tall. The leader, Ji SuYeon stands  164 cm (5.38 ft) tall, while Sei, not showing big difference with her, stands 163 cm (5.34 ft) tall. RiNa and Elly are in the same height, 161 cm (5.28 ft). The shortest member is, again expected, YooJung, who is  157 cm (5.15 ft) tall. 

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Oct 19, 2020 04:16 am

doyeon is the tallest for sure and yoojung is the shortest

Oct 19, 2020 04:14 am

doyeon is