Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest WINNER?

WINNER is one of the idol groups that has constantly been keeping their own color in music.

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Despite the fact that all members have gone through tough competitions before debut, the group did not make the biggest hit when they debuted. However, these days, the four boys seems to be walking their way up to be known as musicians instead of idols.  Also, their participation in TV programs have let people know of their real charms. A lot of people started to be interested in the group through TV programs and fell in love with their music!

Their latest big hit ‘Really Really’ has not lost its place in the music lists and it will surely not be deleted for a while. 

Since there are a lot of new fans after Song MinHo has participated in one of JTBC’s program and after they’ve released ‘Really Really’, here are one of the basic information about WINNER! A height chart of WINNER!

WINNER, WINNER Height Chart, Kang SeungHoon, Song MinHo, Lee SeungHoon, Kim JinWoo


All four boys are all above standards! The tallest member Lee SeungHoon is  183 cm (6 ft). Kang SeungYoon and Song MinHo are right behind him, by being as tall as 182 cm (5.97 ft). The shortest member is Kim JinWoo, who is 178 cm (5.83 ft). The shortest may not be the shortest at all…

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Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest NCT127?

The youngest group of SM Entertainment, NCT 127 has been growing fast since their debut in 2016.

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It’s only been passed a year since the group debuted, however, they already have a huge number of fans registered in fan cafes and keep a busy schedule whenever they comeback. People who have seen NCT 127 for real say that there is a handsome one next to a handsome one and the next handsome one and so on. Basically, every member’s visuals are nothing of ordinary. 

Recently, they’ve attended the Soribada Awards and was given a award in the performance sector. All members looked grateful for what they’ve earned and said “We will work harder until K-Pop sets as a global culture. We will always be dreaming  of the brighter future. Thank you.”

Fans of K-Pop has no choice but to hear of their names more from now. A lot of people expect them to take the steps that SNSD, TVXQ and Super Junior took, participating in making the K-Pop culture. 

I guess it’s important to know who would be the next generation to continue on the next K-Pop, isn’t it? Why don’t we start with a basic information, profile. Here is a height chart of NCT 127.

NCT, NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT  2017 Comeback, NCT Profile, NCT Height Chart


The tallest member is Johnny, being 184 cm (6.03 ft). Showing a bit of a gap, JaeHyun follows next being as tall as 180 cm (5.9 ft). WINWIN and DoYoung are of the same height, being 179 cm (5.87 ft). Yuta continues on right after, being 176 cm (5.77 ft). TaeYong and Mark are also of the same height,both tall as 175 cm (5.74 ft).  The smallest member is TaeIl, who is 172 cm (5.64 ft).

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Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest NU’EST?

The second chapter of NU’EST slowly drew its curtains as four members of the group joined “Produce 101 SE2”.

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Despite the fact that the group had already debuted unlike other trainees, their desperation to succeed and continue their life as idols were felt deeply to the audiences. Their time of performing an idol did not match up to their reputation in Korea, so they mostly performed outside the country. After Korean fans saw how talented and passionate the group is and their stunning visuals through the program, they are now  building  a firm fandom with a growing number day by day. 

Little details such as profiles, interviews and past TV programs they were in became a hot issue again, being watched by the number larger than when it was first shown.Their past songs climbed their way up to music charts no matter how old they were.

Now, if you are one of the people who has discovered NU’EST completely new this year, or if you just want to recall the details about them, here is a height chart of NU’EST!

NU'EST, NU'EST Profile, NU'EST Height Chart, MinHyun. BaekHo, Ren, JR, Aron, NU'EST 2017 Comeback


The average height of NU’EST is quite tall. There aren’t many extra-ordinarily tall member but at the same time, there aren’t any small member. The tallest of the group is MinHyun, 181 cm (5.93 ft). BaekHo follows next, being as tall as 179 cm (5.87 ft). JR and Ren are of the same height, 178 cm (5.83 ft). The smallest member is Aron, who is as tall as 176 cm (5.77 ft). Aron’s height isn’t usually the smallest height for boy groups. 

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