Who are the Tallest and the Smallest of GOT7?

The growth of GOT 7 as an idol group is impressive as ever. They were awarded for World Performer Award in MAMA this year, after only three years since their debut.

As GOT7 performs and releases more professional music every time they come back, fans just cannot take their eyes off of them even for a while! Not only did they grow in music, but they clearly show some difference in their aura and the way they behave compare to their debut. They really just seemed like naughty playful boys when they debuted, but now, they come to us with mature charms. 

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of fans who got into GOT7 this year since they’ve really made some pretty impression on stages this year. So, for the newcomers, as well as those who were fans from the start, here is a height chart of GOT7!

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The tallest member is YuGyeom, being 183 cm (6.0 ft). Following next is JB who is as tall as 179 cm (5.87 ft). JinYoung does not show much difference with JB, being  178.4 cm (5.85 ft). YoungJae and Bam Bam are of the same height, both being 178 cm (5.83 ft). The shortest members are Jackson and Mark, who are as tall as 176 cm (5.77 ft), which isn’t so mall for the shortest! 

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Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest JBJ?

Produce 101 season 2 has produced various groups aside from Wanna One. One exemplary group that is making a huge wave in K-pop scene is JBJ.

JBJ was basically made by fans’ desperate voices of “they are too talented and charming to spend more years as trainees”. Though the boys did not make it to the TOP 11, everyone who watched the program cannot deny of their talents. Not only do they have talents to sing and dance but also create their own stage and attract fans. It’s a crucial talent for an idol to lure fans to them. No matter how talented an idol is, she/he cannot continue one’s career unless they have someone supporting them.

Anyways, more and more interest is pouring on JBJ as they have made it to their debut. Though fans are familiar with the boys through the program, still there are some little details they might be missing! So, to start from the very basic, here is a height chart of JBJ! 

Jin Longguo, Kim DongHan,  JBJ, Kwon HyunBin, Roh TaeHyun, Kim SangGyun,


The tallest member is Kwon HyunBin, being as tall as  187 cm (6.13 ft). His height is extra tall compared to an average idol! Kim DongHan follows next, being 182.5 cm (5.98 ft). He is still tall to be to 2nd tallest, yet he shows much gap with the tallest. Kim SangGyun is as tall as 178 cm (5.83 ft) and Jin Longguo continues next, being 175 cm (5.74 ft). Takada Kenta, the last member to be above 170 cm, is as tall as 173 cm (5.67 ft). The shortest member is Roh TaeHyun who is as tall as  168 cm (5.51 ft)!

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Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest B1A4?

Though it was very unfortunate for fans of B1A4 to miss music stages in MBC and SBS due to their riots, the new program “Master Key” is providing enough scenes to let fans meet JinYoung on screen.

Also, aside form JinYoung, SanDeul was on “Hello Counselor” last Monday, where he gave helpful and hopeful advice. Aside from the two actively participating on TV programs, fans were able to meet all the members performing in a lot of fall music festivals this year. Fans meetings were held a couple of times this year, so that provided another chances to meet the five boy face to face. The group isn’t the type of a group where they get huge attention for a brief moment while they perform and be forgotten until their next comeback. Whether in performing period or not, the group constantly communicates with fans in diverse ways.

So, since B1A4 is never been completely missing from our daily lives, it’s important for fans to reacting to their communication, isn’t it? One of the small way of communicating maybe knowing the smallest details about them and searching for them! Here is one point to start if you are looking for a small detail, B1A4’s height chart!

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One interesting  fact aside from the fact that the group is pretty small, considering the average members groups have these days, there are THREE people of the same height! There is the tallest, the second to the tallest and three smallest members of the SAME HEIGHT! Can you believe this? The Tallest member is ShinWoo, who is as tall as 182 cm (5.97 ft). Following next to him is  GongChan, who is as tall as 181 cm (5.93 ft). The smallest members are obviously JinYoung, SanDeul, and BaRo! Three boys are of 178 cm (5.83 ft). They aren’t quite small as the usual small member in other groups, aren’t they?

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