Many K idols are interested in investment and some of them make successful result.

As the financial technology fever hit Korea, K-pop stars are not excepted in the smart trend. Some investment geniuses achieved great amount of profit and it is mostly from real estate. Many fans might wonder why the HOT stars are immersed in such investments. Indeed, the income of entertainers is not regular, so celebrities always have to concern about their financial statues. Besides, the popularity is not always guaranteed. Hot star one day can go down to be forgotten the other day. Thus, investment is like an insurance for themselves from the unstable K-pop world.

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Among many K-pop star investors, the hottest 5 idols are picked, here. Look over who are them. Also, their personal investment stories are added.


Gu Hara - KARA

Gu ha-ra made a profit as a 500,000 dollars from selling her building located at Chungdamdong, which is near by JYP building. In 2012 June, she bought a 5 storey building for 1,15,6000 dollars. Surprisingly, neither of loan nor mortgage was included in the amount she paid; all was her own money, which she has accumulated from her debut. 3 years later, in Mar 2015, she sold the building and made 500-thousand-dollar profit from the real estate. Now, she is planning to make another investment in real estate.

Who Is IDOL RICH? 5 Idol Investors Compilation

TOP - Big Bang

TOP owns a luxury villa located in Hannam dong UN Village, the privileged town alongside Han river. He bought the villa in 2011 for 300,000 dollars. Because of the villa’s outstanding security service, numbers of celebrities reside there to protect their privacy. The real estate value of his place is assumed to jump considerably, now. In 2013, TOP was selected as a celebrity of the best saving merit, and got awarded for it.

Who Is IDOL RICH? 5 Idol Investors Compilation


BOA is the hidden wealth. Most people may not detaily know about her property. BOA owns two buildings at Chungdam Dong. One is a business building, worth $3 million, and the other is a luxury villa, worth more than $6 million. The value of each buildings has jumped about $2 million in about 7 years. Moreover, she gave big ranch at Namyangjoo her parents as a gift. The place was originally her family’s when she was very young, but her father had to sell it for a financial reason. However, she got it back for her family. She also owns some stocks of SM which were given to her as a promotion. She is No.1 financial technology specialist for sure.

Who Is IDOL RICH? 5 Idol Investors Compilation(The photo of BOA's property is not available. Sorry.)

Kyuhyun - Super Junior

Kyuhyun owns two real estate properties and gave them to his parents as presents. This ‘Good’ boy has been named in the top 4 of the most amount of income that Super Junior members earn out of 12, the total number of the members. His first property is the luxury apartment in Wolgok Dong and it values as $1 million. Another is a guest house located in Myung Dong. The building is worth as $7.3 million. The 6 floored building, 5 storey, includes more than 60 suites from its basement floor to the 6th. The monthly profit from the guest house is more than $ 100,000. As Kyuhyun is hot, the place is also hot among his fans.

Who Is IDOL RICH? 5 Idol Investors Compilation

XIA Junsu - JYJ

XIA Junsu is the top of the top among the idol riches. His real estate property is about $35 million, wow! He has been well known for being well-informed in investment, and has been busy to invest in real estate. Junsu owns a pent house of the luxury high rise residential building in Seoul and it values about $2.5 million. He also owns a $1.8 million valued town house in Paju. The highlight is his luxery hotel in Jeju Island. He invested more than $ 20 million for it and its worth is assumed about $ 30 million, now. The hotal, Toscana, has 65 suites in its main building and 4 premium villas near the main building. Expecting him to defeat Donald Trump in real estate market one day.

Who Is IDOL RICH? 5 Idol Investors Compilation

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