Are you currently enjoying "KCON:TACT 3" with their wide content and amazing performances by various K-Pop groups? In every season, K-Pop groups prepare special stages for K-Pop fans so make sure you don't miss out!

One of the exclusive events in KCON:TACT is none other than their 'Meet & Greet' session where K-Pop fans get to say 'Hi' and even interact with their favourite K-Pop idols.

With that being said, the MC of 'Meet & Greet' for this 3rd season has been gaining attention from many K-Pop fans thanks to his handsome visuals. He became a hot topic on Twitter as many were searching and talking about him.

If you did not already, he is none other than GiKwang from Highlight!

It appears that there were some fans who did not know who he is but was definitely falling for him.

A fan had compiled several tweets which had caused many to talk about how GiKwang is still as popular as before!

Highlight was originally known as BEAST and GiKwang is the main dancer of the group. They had made their debut back in 2009 and some of their hit tracks include 'Shock,' 'Beautiful,' 'Fiction,' 'Shadow,' 'Beautiful Night' and many more.

Seeing how GiKwang is receiving attention again, long time K-Pop fans talked about the charisma GiKwang has and the fact that he did not seem to have aged as well!

If you are curious and want to learn more about him, make sure to follow GiKwang on Instagram below!


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Are you also charmed by GiKwang?


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