Why Cha EunWoo Would Make The Perfect Husband


Astro member Cha EunWoo is pretty much this generation’s iconic male beauty within the K-Pop scene.

He is often known as the ‘face genius’ or ‘genius of faces’ by fans and netizens alike. And it’s true. The way his handsomeness grabs your attention instantly is also the same for even other K-Pop idols who have professed their admiration for how beautiful he is.

Imagine having him as a husband.

While people may have differing standards for the qualities a husband must have, below are a few reasons why he would make the perfect husband.


He’s Impossibly Handsome

We all know this so we’re just going to leave it at that.

cha eunwoo

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cha eunwoo



He’s Honest

Remember when he was asked the question of whether he’s ever watched porn? He was speechless for a brief moment with a very adorable and revealing expression. He can’t lie very well.


He Values Getting To Know Someone A Lot

Yes, he’s all about commitment. He once revealed that he was asked out by a female idol, but didn’t respond because he wants to date someone whom he has has spent sufficient time with. Imagine how thorough he would be when marriage is at stake.


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