The recent incident involving physical abuse on the members of K-Pop idol band The East Light is currently one of the most controversial issues within the scene.

The idols were assaulted by a producer on several occasions, so much that it was fair to say that not a single day passed by without them getting beaten by a baseball bat for nearly four years. Some of the members were even locked up in rooms and strangled with guitar strings.

But why is it that the idol group is speaking up and raising awareness now after all this time?

The answer is simple.

Lee SukChul, leader of the band, revealed through a press conference held last week that they did their best to endure the wrongs done to them because of the dreams that they had. He spoke about how facing such abuse was normal for them behind the scenes right before a concert. But because they wanted to see their fans and had a clear determination to become a successful idol group, they did their best to turn the other cheek.

While it is admirable that these young artists even had the will to endure such horrendous acts done against them for a greater cause, it is certainly an issue that raises the question of whether the dark side of K-Pop is really something of the past.


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