Hate comments are definitely pests for K-Pop idols and their agencies. Just recently, SM Entertainment successfully gave hate comment writers what they deserved by winning a lawsuit, resulting in hefty fines being issued. At least for now, K-Pop has been taking its first steps in the campaign against online bullying and the spread of malicious rumors.

Rapper Jessi, who recently appeared on MBC's 'Radio Star', talked about many things including her experience fighting racism while living in the US and also about how she shot back at a hate comment writer who wrote malicious statements on HyunA's Instagram.

She stated that she was very close to HyunA and that she couldn't just stand by and watch someone leave hate comments on HyunA's Instagram account. Jessi also did mention that it wasn't simply trying to protect HyunA, but rather a direct way of calling out people who write hate comments.

Why Jessi Stood Up For HyunA On Instagram When Hate Comment Writer Attacked



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