After uploading the third teaser for JYP Entertainment's upcoming show 'Super Intern', founder Park JinYoung revealed why the agency chose not to accept interns in the past.

If you're familiar with South Korea's culture of doing favors for people who they are close to, you'd understand quite quickly. Of course, doing favors for close acquaintances exist everywhere throughout the world but there's no denying that such practice has been highly frequent given South Korea's culture based on collectivism, and it is also the reason why many people within the nation have been in uproar whenever news of the higher ups doing favors for each other within their inner circle blows up on the news.

This is the very reason why Park JinYoung did not accept interns. There were so many people within his company and other close acquaintances who were asking if he would put someone close to them as an intern in his company. Having been an intern at JYP Entertainment would definitely spice up a resume.

Below is what the K-Pop producer stated through an Instagram post.



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#슈퍼인턴 #SuperIntern #mnet #JYP #No인턴 #NoIntern <JYP에 인턴이 없는 이유> 주변에서 자기 자녀들을 우리 회사에 인턴으로 채용달라는 부탁을 너무나 많이 받았다. 그 자녀들이 취업하는데 도움이 될 거라는 생각 때문이었다. 가족들, 친구들, 선후배들 그 중엔 우리 사회에서 대단한 위치에 있는 사람들도 많았다. 마음 같아서는 도와주고 싶었지만 양심에 너무 걸렸다. 그 친구들이 인맥을 통해 취업시장에서 유리한 위치를 차지하는 것이 반대로 인맥이 없는 사람들의 자녀들을 불리한 위치로 끌어내리기 때문이다. 그래서 우린 3년 전에 인턴제도를 없애버렸다. 주위 분들이 나에게 많이 서운해했지만 그래도 양심이 허락하지 않는 일을 할 수는 없었다. 그러나 이번 인턴은 공정하게 선발하는 것이며 또 정규직 채용을 목표로 선발하는 것이기에 떳떳하게 모집합니다. 11월 18일까지니 꼭 지원해주세요! <Reason why JYP has no interns> There was so many people that asked me to hire their kids as our Intern so their kids can get an advantage when they apply for their jobs. Families, friends and people in high places...they were all dissapointed at me but I couldn't do it because of my conscience. Helping their children be advantageous means making other kids disadvantageous. I couldn't be a part of making this world unfair. So we eliminated our intern system 3 years ago. But this time we're electing interns in a fair way in purpose to find regular employees so make sure you apply. Deadline is the 18th! JYP

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