Competition is becoming ridiculously more and more intense as Produce 48 draws near to its end.

Netizens and viewers of the show have been in a frenzy again lately as another controversial incident recently surfaced online related to the survival program.

Besides the previous controversies and complaints throughout the show, this one is probably the latest one you might not have heard of.

It turns out that the fan culture of K-Pop is seriously becoming an issue lately. Why? Fans have gone to almost absurd lengths to try and get as many votes as they can for their pick. Putting out MacBooks, AirPods, Playstations, and big screen TV for giveaway events are just the tip of the iceberg.

Amidst all of this, it was also revealed that a manager for one of the idol trainees ran off with the money that fans gathered to be used as a subway billboard advertisement for their idol.

Naturally , there is growing concern over unhealthy K-Pop fan culture in South Korea. In addition, many have stated that Produce 48 has been corrupted so much to a point that there is no longer any credible valid winner of the show.


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