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On July 11th, it was reported that WINNER's Hoony will be joining KBS "Dancing High" as a mentor.

According to a representative, Hoony will be joining the program as a mentor and reported that he will begin recording soon. It was hoped that through this survival program, participants will be encouraged to continue pursue in dancing with the pointers from mentors and experience on stage. It is also revealed that it was a rare collaboration between KBS and YG Entertainment.

Among the members of WINNER, Hoony is known to be in charged of performance. Since their debut in 2014, Hoony has been continuously coming up with choreography for their songs. He was also recognized for his dancing abilities when he was in the TOP 4 of SBS "K-Pop Star" Season 1.


Recently, Hoony has also been charming viewers with his witty and humorous variety skills on SBS "Law of the Jungle in Mexico", MBC "Radio Star" as well as tvN "Youth Over Flowers-WINNER".

"Dancing High" is a program which allows teenagers who want to become dancers to come together and battle with each other for experience and exposure. Apart from Hoony, choreographer of TWICE 'TT', SunMi 'Gashina', Lia Kim and choreography team, JUST JERK will be appearing as mentors on the show too.

WINNER Hoony To Join KBS "Dancing High" As Mentor

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Currently, "Dancing High" is recruiting participants through email, Facebook and Instagram. It is expected to begin its broadcast in September.

Who else do you think should be on the show as mentor?


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