One of the most innovative, avant-garde artists in this generation of K-Pop, WINNER's MiNo, recently appeared for an interview with Esquire Korea where he answered some questions that have been burning in his fans' minds for quite a while now. When asked about his morning routine, MiNo shared that he does wake up rather early, at around 7AM but he just takes his breakfast and goes right back to sleep. When he finally wakes up again, he starts his day for real, with coffee and art.

About whether or not he reads comments on his SNS posts, MiNo said that he does but mostly only when his friends comment on his stuff. If MiNo were to make a 'What's In My Bag' video, it would be rather simple because he only carries hand sanitiser, AirPods, his wallet and perfume with him. While Esquire did try to get some spoilers out of him for his next comeback but he was tight-lipped as usual.

Finally, attention was focused on his hair, which MiNo seems to have grown out to chin length. However, he admitted that there was no special reason for the same. He wanted to grow it out because he has never had the chance to have long hair before.

MiNo wrapped up the interview by talking about his dreams, quite literally and how he jots them down after waking up if he finds them to be particularly interesting. His heart flutters when he's working on his exhibitions, going camping and more. However, our hearts flutter when we see MiNo paint, sing, dance, rap and pretty much, exist.

You can watch the interview here:


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