Trainees from Idol Producer have been through a long way by embarking on the journey since the filming had began last year December 2017. As show slowly comes to an end, the mentors have also been preparing for something special.

On the episode aired on March 23rd, viewers were surprised by the teaser which was shown at the end. It appears that WJSN's ChengXiao and PRISTIN's KyulKyung will be performing together with the trainees as special stage collaborations.

WJSN's ChengXiao & PRISTIN's KyulKyung Tease Idol Producer With Stage Collaboration


From the teaser, ChengXiao and KyulKyung were seen dancing on stage, dressed in sexy outfits. Because of that, fans are curious as to what kind of performance would be put up by both mentors.

With the remaining 20 trainees, only 9 of them will be picked and formed the debuting group. Idol Producer will be airing its final episode live on April 6th.

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