WJSN fans are currently concerned for XuanYi, as she was on the set of ‘Chase Me’, where actor Godfrey Gao recently passed away.

‘Chase Me’ is currently receiving criticism from viewers. The public believe that the show is much too dangerous and that staff are not adequately prepared to handle emergency situations should anything happen.

After the tragic incident, XuanYi reportedly left the set with her staff and headed back to Beijing immediately, while also changing her social media profile picture to black.

WJSN Fans Concerned For XuanYi After Death Of Godfrey Gao


Godfrey Gao fell while running on the set and was rushed to the hospital but passed away on November 27th. Reports have stated that he suffered a heart attack.

Fans have been revisiting a video of XuanYi yelling for help during the show.


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