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Do you remember that WJSN's MeiQi and XuanYi took part in the Chinese version of "Produce 101"?

Not only did they gain their popularity among the Chinese audience, they also made it into the final top 11. The 11 girls who made it into the finals formed the group, Rocket Girls.

However, despite the fact that the two idols made it into the team, it was revealed that they will be withdrawing from the group together with fellow member ZiNing who had also made it into the top 11.

WJSN's MeiQi And XuanYi To Withdraw From Rocket Girls Permanently

Chinese Produce 101 Weibo

According to YueHua Entertainment and Mavericks Entertainment's joint statement on August 9th, it was revealed that the 3 girls decided to withdraw from the group due to unreasonable schedules which resulted in mental and physical health issues. In order to protect their artists, they have decided that it was the best to withdraw from the group. It became effective since August 7th.

WJSN's MeiQi And XuanYi To Withdraw From Rocket Girls Permanently

YueHua Entertainment / Mavericks Entertainment

This came to a shock for many fans of Rocket Girls as they were only announced as a group nearly 2 months ago.

Some fans were suspecting the fact that promotions under WJSN and Rocket Girls were initially allowed for XuanYi and MeiQi but however since things were not clarified with the organizers of Chinese "Produce 101", it seems that the girls were unable to promote under WJSN while doing activities for Rocket Girls. As such, they had to resolve to choosing one out of the two.

WJSN's MeiQi And XuanYi To Withdraw From Rocket Girls Permanently

Anderson 47

As for ZiNing, fans commented that previously it was known that she had health issues and with the addition of tough training, withdrawal most probably happened due to possible health deterioration.

All 3 girls will reportedly return to their respective groups for future activities.

What are your thoughts about this situation?


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Aug 9, 2018 10:29 pm

Gosh, ZiNing looks like DIA's Eunchae!

Aug 9, 2018 07:14 pm

I wouldn't be surprised if it actually was health issues, the level of pollution has led to COPD rate of over 20%