WM Entertainment Announces Departure Of Laun From ONF



WM Entertainment Announces Departure Of Laun From ONF

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WM Entertainment

WM Entertainment recently delivered unfortunate news to ONF fans as one of the group’s member, Laun, would be halting all activities and soon be leaving the group.

Below is the agency’s statement:

“Hello, it’s WM Entertainment.

We’d like to begin by thanking everyone for the love from all the fans and that we apologize as we have some unfortunate news to deliver.

Laun (Kim MinSeok) and the agency have agree to halt his activities as an idol due to personal reasons and as of August 23rd, will have his contract terminated.

We again apologize for the delivery of such unfortunate news, and will do our best with the remaining members of ONF. We will repay everyone through good music and performances.

We ask for your continuous support and love.”

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The Qoo


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Nooo they are coming back soon arnt they?