Baek AYeon is our Kpopmap’s WCW of the week, and we tell you many reasons why this strong and beautiful survivor is crush worthy!

In a cut-throat agency, everyone’s competing against each other in one way or another. With so much competition, we see many dreams falter and die away. However, that’s not Baek AYeon’s story. As a young girl, she was a survivor in many aspects. Now, she’s one of the strongest survivors who dominate the K-Pop charts.

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Get inspired to fight through the pain to earn what you dream and aspire.


Woman Crush Wednesday: Baek AYeon

Woman Crush Wednesday: BAEK AYEON


Baek AYeon


Who’s Our WCW

Baek AYeon was born on March 11, 1993 in Seongnam, South Korea. AYeon’s first televised appearance became her immediate boost to fame as she participated in the television audition program, “K-Pop Star Season 1”. She eventually went on to be one of the top three contestants and a popular artist among recruiting labels. Although she received an overflowing amount of love calls, AYeon decided to sign with JYP Entertainment. On September 2, 2012 (just a few months after K-Pop Star), her debut album, “I’m Baek” was released. Since then, AYeon has proven herself a true musician queen as she continues to top charts with her crystal, clear vocals and adorable visuals.

Woman Crush Wednesday: BAEK AYEON



Why We Crush

The main reason why we crush so hard on AYeon is her strong survival instincts. When she was just a 5th grader in elementary school, she underwent treatment for cancer and beat it to hell. She survived the harsh competition and pressure of “K-Pop Star”, where she won 3rd place right after Park JiMin and Lee Hi. She also survived the influx of negative comments about her potential for fame. AYeon didn’t shoot to fame since the beginning of her debut, her tracks faltered on the charts and received minimal amount of public interest. The survivor that she is, she took matters into her own hands and began releasing tracks that were self-composed. With her complete heart and soul into the songs, AYeon shot to the top of the charts with her first self-composed song. The rest was history as she went on to release 2 more singles, which both topped charts and were self-composed!


Where We've Seen Her

Although she’s from one of the most popular K-Pop labels and she has the cutest visuals, AYeon is best known for her music. Her most famous music has to be “Shouldn’t Have”, which was a life changing project for our idol. When she was struggling on the charts through songs that were produced by other people, she turned to herself to release her signature style and color. “Shouldn’t Have” became her first song to place 1st on the charts and set a pattern for her songs to come. Her two following singles, “So-So” and “Something to Say” have gone on to place 1st and have a stellar record.


Where We'll See Her Next

 There’s no end to AYeon’s musical capabilities. She just recently partnered up with GOT7’s JB to release a Christmas song, titled “Just Because”. The beautiful harmony between AYeon and JB is incredible as the song is set to become a staple during the winter holiday. We expect that fans will be able to spend Christmas with the soft and soothing melody of AYeon this year!


See you next week for another installment of Kpopmap Woman Crush Wednesday’s star!


Woman Crush Wednesday: BAEK AYEON

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