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WONDER GIRLS's HyeRim is currently a student of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies under the department of English for International Conferences and Communication (EICC).

For the past one year, she has been fulfilling her role as a typical university student, by socializing with friends and at the same time studying hard. In a recent interview with 'The Star', she mentioned that she is glad that she was able to make friends and hang out with them like a normal person. Thankfully her classmates were nice to her and did not give her any celebrity treatment.

In addition to that, she also talked about having perfect attendance which made her feel proud about herself. The reason for such excellent behavior is because she wanted to experience and live the life of an university student truly.

HyeRim revealed the reason she had chosen her major was due to the lack of capability she felt within herself when she went onto broadcast related to languages. She wanted to learn in a more methodical approach. Instead of being recognized as a member of WONDER GIRLS, she preferred to be recognized as someone for her outstanding skills.

WONDER GIRLS's HyeRim Has Perfect Attendance In University

The Star Magazine

Currently, to HyeRim, the most interesting aspect of school is about translation. Her interest bloomed when she began translating for books and right now she has been translating diaries and essays. In the near future, she hopes that she would be able to translate a larger variety of books.

For the last 7 years as an active member of WONDER GIRLS, everything had seemed like a miracle to HyeRim. She mentioned about how being a member has led to her gaining strength to pursue her dreams. She is very happy with what she is doing currently and even those around her have been telling her that she looks happier and livelier too.

Fans are happy to see that she is doing well and we also wish her all the best in her academic endeavors!


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