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The spring semester for university in South Korea is almost coming to an end and most of the students now are studying for their upcoming finals.

Looks like Wonder Girls' HyeRim is doing the same too!

Previously it was reported that she had entered Hanguk University of Foreign Studies as a freshman, majoring under the department of English for International Conferences and Communication (EICC).

On June 18th, she shared a picture of her studying on her Instagram.


The picture shows how she is studying in a cafe for her finals. It looks like she is putting a lot of effort in preparing for the exam.

About two months ago, she also uploaded a picture of her notes during the mid-term examination.


Netizens and fans were shocked by the amount of notes she had made and wished her all the best in her examinations. On another hand, some also commented that it is nice to see that she is doing well and hope that she would also return to the industry soon.

Do you miss HyeRim too?


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