WonHo just released 'LOSING YOU' on Aug. 14 and it is already gathering a lot of attention worldwide.

'LOSING YOU' is a pre-release song before the release of his 1st mini-album "Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me" on Sept. 4. If you have yet to check the song, you can do so below, make sure to pay extra attention to the lyrics.

WonHo made WENEE emotional with the release of this English song. He previously mentioned that he wanted to tell fans how he feels about them and wrote a message to them in the lyrics of the song.

Lyrics such as "Pull me closer / coz anytime or place / I would be your shield ... Baby I would go to war for you/ build an army if you need me too / cause losing me it better than losing you... Drive me insane / cause you're the air inside my lungs / suffocating when you're gone."

When WonHo asked on Twitter "How did you like 'LOSING YOU' music video?", WENEE answered about how they have been crying with the emotional voice and lyrics of the song and how proud they are of him.

A lucky fan got an extremely sweet answer from WonHo. To the fan who answered that she/he would be crying for the whole night. He answered: "Let me hug you for the whole night".

To another fan who told him that she/he was so proud of him, he answered "Don’t you know that I would die for you??".

WonHo continued to give loving answers to fans on Twitter such as "I could sing for hours if you want. I love you!".

WENEE and WonHo have a stronger bond than ever and WonHo just gave them a present with this meaningful song. Many are looking forward to his mini-album.

Do you also find WonHo's answers sweet?


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Sep 15, 2020 03:54 am

After listening to Wonho's "Loosing You," I knew all of the lyrics by heart and it really got to my heart. It made me cry and I love it. I wish Wonho hadn't had to leave Monsta X. I love Wonho and Monebe miss him! I'm so proud of Wonho! He's doing amazing! Keep at it and just be yourself Wonho!

Aug 14, 2020 05:10 pm

I cried, I am so proud of Wonho. He is so sweet

Sep 15, 2020 03:55 am
Reply to  bbgom

I agree!