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It looks like WonHowill be communicating with his fans through his official V-Live channel!

On May 7, WonHo had opened up his official V-Live channel and if you have yet to follow him, you can do so below.

His agency, Highline Entertainment, shared that WonHo will be communicating with his fans from all over the world using the platform. In addition, through his official fanclub, WonHo will also be able to share various contents in the near future.

For those who are interested to be part of the 1st generation of WonHo's fanclub, make sure to join the fanship on V-Live.

The recruitment will be open from May 7 to 28. Make sure to join in time so that you will not regret in the future!

With the opening of his V-Live channels, many of his fans are extremely excited as they could not wait to see him hold a V-Live session in the near future.

Will you be interested in joining his official fanclub?


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