There are three things that are impossible to hide. Sneeze, Poverty, and Love. The feeling of love is uncontrollable by ration, it acts on its own.

We cannot hide our joy when we see our most beloved ones. We cannot stop ourselves from empathizing when something great happened to our loved ones. We also, cannot hide the love itself because it just shows in the way we look at our most beloved ones. 

Recently fans have found a great love shown by PRISTIN to SunMi. It was actually hard not to notice their crush over her because they had no notice of thing around them but only SunMi.  

The music broadcast programs used to be PRISTIN's workplace. A workplace isn't a place where we feel so much enthusiasm nor inspiration. (We love our work, sure, but WORKPLACE is,,,a different thing:P)

However, the workplace of PRINSTIN turned into a fan meeting as soon as SunMi walked in.

Nop, not even "as" but "before as her music was played." PRISTIN started dancing to SunMi's new music 'Gashina' while they were on their way to the music broadcast.  

Even while they were hosting the program... they CANNOT take their eyes off of her! 

Workplace Turns to Fan Meeting for PRISTIN As SunMi Walked In

DC Gallery

SunMi won the week's music chart and this happens.

You see what I mean when I say, Love cannot be hidden? I mean, yes, they did not even try to hide it. How can they?  They are overwhelmed by her presence. 

Workplace Turns to Fan Meeting for PRISTIN As SunMi Walked In

DC Gallery / Instiz / Sports Seoul

Look at how KyulKyung looks at SunMi! Even those who don't believe in love can't say "That's not love" to that!

After getting so much love from PRISTIN, SunMi talks about them on the radio!

How glorious and heart-melted they must have felt after their "idol" called and adored them publicly. 

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