Life isn't always so full of happy surprises. Sometimes bad news come out of nowhere and bad things happen unintentionally and unexpectedly. Going through those hardships is the meaning of life, some say since life is so full of it.

It's not only normal people who gets involved in bad incidents and be in worst accidents. Idols sometimes go through worse since their job requires unexpected area of activities. Fans are always worried about them getting hurt and always require entertainment to pay extra care in their health and safety. Though sometimes, entertainments and idols themselves try to be careful, there are things unavoidable. 

Here are some of the worst accidents and incidents that idols have gone through.

In TV Variety Programs

1st-  Yook SungJae of BTOB

IN the program of "King of Masked Singer", Yook SungJae compete against Jang HyeJin. After their competition, the result appointed Jang HyeJin as the winner. Since Yook SungJae lost, he revealed himself to the public. Just as he revealed himself, the staff reported that there was a error in the machine and that the winner was Yook SungJae. Since his face was already known, he dropped out from the program himself.


2nd - JeongYeon of TWICE

While shooting "Law of the Jungle", JeongYeon was riding a horse with another member. The horse that the other member was riding suddenly went hyper and gave a kick in the back. JeongYeon who was behind the horse got kick in the leg and was injured badly. 


3rd - Jin of BTS

Worst Incidents & Accidents and Controversies of Idols (Part.1)


When Jin was the guest in "Law of the Jungle", he was drained by several hours of day and night  hunting in the oceans. Also, in one of the seasons of ISAC, he broke his nose while playing Futsal. His nose did not stop bleeding until he arrived at the hospital. However the program edited out the scene that he was injured and mentioned no words about it. 


4th - Tzuyu of TWICE

Worst Incidents & Accidents and Controversies of Idols (Part.1)


Tzuyu was waving the flag of Taiwan in "My Little Television". The scene aroused viral criticism from Chinese viewers and as a result she had to posted a video apologizing for her careless actions. Whether she had to apologize for waving her own country's flag just for the sake of Chinese fans created hot debate and dispute among fans globally.


In Music Programs

1st - TWICE

Worst Incidents & Accidents and Controversies of Idols (Part.1)


While TWICE was performing 'Cheer Up', one music program had a falsely reported the winner of the week, so they were not awarded though they have won. 


2nd - GFriend

Worst Incidents & Accidents and Controversies of Idols (Part.1)


When it was a GFriend's turn to perform, music of TWICE was played falsely. Even the most talented idols don't always do live, however, the falsely played music just made people criticized  EunHa for lip syncing. 


3rd-  BTOB

A staff carelessly spoke out a cynical criticism to BTOB right before their stage. What was worse was that the criticism was loud enough to be heard by members.


4th - Lee DaeHwi of Wanna One

Worst Incidents & Accidents and Controversies of Idols (Part.1)

Hi My Star

During one of Wanna One's concert, the in-ear, a small machine that helps the musicians listen to MR well, broke inside Lee DaeHwi's ears. Fans caught his ears bleeding for quite a long time. 

 Diet Matters

There are idols who have gone through sever criticism for being fat or gaining weight. When people face idols in real, they are more than slender but close to skinny. However, they always look larger than they actually are through camera lenses. People leave inconsiderate and harsh criticism just for looking a bit different that those who look amazingly thin. One of the example was shown clearly by members of Red Velvet. 

Worst Incidents & Accidents and Controversies of Idols (Part.1)


SeulGi has been constantly showing a strong desire for food. Her desire for food had been building up even before her debut. In one interview,  she mentioned that she had to live by fat free milk for every mill before debut. Wendy was often caught not eating in programs. Though the program offered food, she seemed afraid to eat something. 

The standard people put on girl idols are too harsh but nothing has been changed though the problem rose to surface a couple of times. 

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