BTS may be good at pretty much everything that ranges from singing, making music, performing, and etc. but one thing that you might be better at is having a sense of direction.

The boys have often been found walking astray from their intended destination on different occasions.

You can check some of those moments out below.


Wrong Way Guys


Uh, RM. You Missed The Dressing Room.


JiMin Clearly Having No Idea Where To Go Holding V's Birthday Cake. We'll Let Him Slide Because It's Dark.


V Walking Out By Himself On The Other Side


JungKook Forgot Where His Room Was


No RM, It's This Way


Jin Not Knowing Which Group Of Members To Follow

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borahae BTS
borahae BTS
Apr 9, 2020 04:13 am

at the last picture, it's Jungkook who doesn't know which group to follow, lol