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Mnet “유학소녀: Ticket To K-POP” Aims To Start Airing In May

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K-Drama Ratings: “Touch Your Heart”, “Big Issue”, “Doctor Prisoner”, … (3rd Week Of Mar.)

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“Produce X 101” Lee JinWoo From Maroo Ent Reminds Netizens Of Park JiHoon

[M/V] Girlkind JK – SPLIT (feat. Tommy Strate)

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Idols Lineup Of Arirang TV “Simply K-Pop” Episode 354

Ko SeungHyung From “I Can See Your Voice” Prepares For A New Beginning With Debut Album


PRODUCE X 101 – ′X1-MA′ Performance

K-Pop Stars And Their Outrageously Expensive Cars

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US Figure Skater Accused Of Intentionally Stabbing Korean Skater With Blades




Photos Of K-Pop Idols Taken At The Worst Possible Timing

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Photos Show Jung JoonYoung Tied Up In Restraints


Netizens Ask Why Hwasa Tries To Show Her Body Off When She Can’t Even Manage Her Weight



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YG Entertainment Leadership Might Change After Shareholder Meeting

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‘Love In Sadness’ Boycotted For Refusing To Cut Actress Park HanByul


Despite SeungRi’s Drug Test Results Coming Out Negative, Informant Claims He Took Cocaine


JYP Employee Calls YG Fake & BLACKPINK’s YouTube Views Pointless



Will Burning Sun Anna Be Executed In China If Deported For Dealing Drugs?

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QUIZ: Do You Know All The Members Of ATEEZ?