XIA JunSu and Lim ChangJung are discussing a collaboration.

This morning, one newspaper reported that XIA JunSu will be having a collaboration with Lim ChangJung in his last album before he enlists for the army. However, the management companies of both parties later stated that they are at the discussion stage, and that nothing has been confirmed yet.

Lim ChangJung’s management company stated, “There was a discussion once about a duet song with JunSu. However, nothing has progressed since then.”

C-Jes Entertainment stated, “The two companies are still discussing for a special collaboration. But since the song has not yet been selected and no recordings have happened, we’re taking a careful stance. We’ll announce it officially if specific details are confirmed.” and also added “(Regarding the last album before the enlistment), nothing specific has been decided about it.”

XIA JunSu to Have a Collaboration with Lim ChangJung?

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