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What do you do when you run one of the biggest K-Pop agencies and a broadcasting station refuses to air one of your hottest idol's MV?

For YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk, the rules seem pretty simple. Just don't put up with it.

Just recently, screenshots of a KakaoTalk conversation between Yang HyunSuk and a staff member surfaced on Instagram. The two were discussing on what to do when Mnet demanded that a particular scene in WINNER member Mino's MV be edited. Mnet refused to air the MV unless certain 'explicit' scenes were replaced with an alternative.

What was Yang HyunSuk's to response to all of this? Below is a transcript.

Staff: Mnet requested that a scene in Mino's Fiance MV where he dances with a female be replaced due to reasons related to explicit content.

(Message Deleted)

Yang HyunSuk: This problem is with just Mnet right?

Staff: Yes.

Yang HyunSuk: Tell them they don't have to air it. And do it politely.

Staff: Ok.

Yang HyunSuk Savage Or Thoughtless? Fans Argue After Mnet Refuses To Air Mino MV


Fans have been divided on opinion about Yang HyunSuk's decision. Some have supported him and stated that he was "savage" and was standing up for his agency and his idols.

However, others have criticized him for being thoughtless as they fear it would be detrimental to Mino's and other YG idols' careers.

What do you think about YG's decision not to air on Mnet and let the whole world know about it?


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