Yang HyunSuk’s Specific Orders Printed And Posted Everywhere In YG HQ

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After losing the number two spot in the K-Pop industry to JYP Entertainment, South Korean critics and netizens have pointed out that YG Entertainment is most certainly in a crisis that must be dealt with quickly if they hope to continue their legacy in K-Pop. Given that Big Bang’s activities accounted for a large majority of their profit, it is only logical for the agency to find a means to depend on other artists.

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Here is what Yang HyunSuk has had to say to his staff members and artists.

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1 Strive to become a person of character before trying to become a singer. 

All trainee should bow at a 90-degree angle and greet all staff members and artists in a clear loud voice.

2 While YG Entertainment has the ability to make gems shine brighter than they can on their own, YG Entertainment can’t turn a rock into a shining gem.

Will you be a gem or a rock? All of that depends on how much effort you put into what you do.


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