The sixth OST of “HwaRang” will be released soon.

Continuing on from the released OSTs by artists like HyoLyn, Red Velvet’s Wendy and SeulGi, and BTSV and Jin, Yang YoSeob will join the “HwaRang” OST lineup as the 6th OST of HwaRang will be released on the midnight between today and January 17th.

YoSeob’s song, ‘God’s Move’ is composed by Oh JoonSeong, the audio director of “HwaRang”. The song is a medium tempo synth-pop ballad song that was perfectly handled by Yang YoSeob and his skillful unique voice. ‘God’s Move’ has already been played several times in the drama, and many have been calling to find out when exactly the OST will be released.

The acoustic version of ‘God’s Move’, sang by Kim JuNa, will also be released at the same time. As many wait for the OST to release, many also anticipate for who the next OST singer will be to follow up ‘God’s Move’.

Yang YoSeob Joins “HwaRang” OST Lineup!


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