GFriend members attended SinB and UmJi’s graduation on 7th.

On 7th, GFriend members attended SinB and UmJi’s high school graduation.

When SinB and UmJi were asked about what is the first thing they want to do as adults, they said “We want to eat chicken and beer with members”. SoWon also added “We want to go traveling together to commemorate their graduation. I will hurry up and get a driver’s license so that we can drive and go on a trip.”

YeRin started to cry in the middle of talking about how she felt about SinB and UmJi’s graduation. YeRin said “I saw them enter high school. To think they’re graduating…” and cried her heart out. Other members, seeing this, said that she’s “cute” and laughed.

UmJi said “I’m touched to see unni cry like this. When we were trainees, we used to go back and forth from school through the subway together. I keep thinking about that memory.” and looked dearly at unni YeRin.

GFriend will be coming back in the first half of this year. Exact comeback period has not yet been decided.

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YeRin Cries at SinB, UmJi’s Graduation

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