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Super Junior is planning a comeback for the later half of 2017 and YeSung reveals some of the confirmation that E.L.Fs much needed.

Super Junior’s main vocalist, YeSung sat down for an interview about his 12 year career as an artist and now an actor. During the interview, the veteran idol revealed some of the juiciest stories about Super Junior and their upcoming plans on a possible comeback.

At the end of last year, ShinDong and SungMin returned from their mandatory military service, which got the fans excited for a new comeback. When asked when their new album will be happening, YeSung replied, “I think we’ll make a comeback after the ’86 members return. Although we’ll miss a lot of our other members, we have a lot of fans waiting for us, so our goal is to have an album out by this year.”

So far, Lee Teuk, HeeChul, YeSung, KangIn, ShinDong and SungMin have finished their military duties, and EunHyuk, DongHae and SiWon are set to return very soon. YeSung revealed, “Recently, we had a member meeting when SiWon came out for a vacation. It was a meeting about our album that’s set to come out at the end of this year. We’ve been planning since last year. We didn’t just talk about the album, but also about concerts, variety shows and other things that you possibly can’t imagine.”

It appears that the fans weren’t the only ones waiting anxiously for the comeback of the K-Pop veterans, Super Junior. E.L.Fs can look forward to a new album featuring the latest military comeback members by the end of this year!

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