Following the news of G-Dragon's hospitalization, YG Entertainment founder and CEO Yang HyunSuk has revealed that he too was hospitalized for about a month.

He posted on his Instagram account a photo of him wearing a hospital bracelet with the hashtags #Been_In_Hospital and #Due_To_Severe_Cervical_Herniated_Nucleus_Pulpususdisc.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk Hospitalized


It turns out that he has checked into the hospital because of severe neck pain caused by cervical disc and has been receiving treatment for about a period of one month. He has also said that he was focusing on the younger artists of YG Entertainment at the moment that includes BLACKPINK, SeungRi, and Lee Hi. He stated that he intends to pay his fans back for the patience they have shown for his artists with loads of new music.


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