How YG Entertainment Staff and Idols Really Feel About Yang HyunSuk

Sly, cunning, and witty. A veteran industry leader and producer of many talents. Yang HyunSuk is one of South Korea’s most prominent music producer and entertainment CEO. 

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He started out as a member of SeoTaiji & Boys, a K-Pop trio that is considered to have been the most influential K-Pop act up to date that has also pioneered and shaped K-Pop into what it is today. He is now a successful owner of one of South Korea’s largest entertainment company. His character and personality is subtly cynical, extremely direct, brutally honest, and sometiems even just downright condescending towards others. All of this naturally leads to many people wondering how he treats his staff members and idols under his label. Here’s what the YG Entertainment family has to say about their boss.

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SeungRi of Big Bang, also known as the next ‘Yang HyunSuk’ has stated that YG is his role model. Whether it’s actually true or not is somewhat ambiguous, judging by the look on his face. But he did also mention that managers are too scared to come in empty-handed when having a meeting with the CEO.

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One seems to be a little more cautious with his actions and didn’t have anything to say about the entertainment mogul. Could it be that there’s nothing good to say about the CEO?

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BLACKPINK members have jokingly expressed that their CEO is absolutely the worst. But we all know that this isn’t true since they were thrilled and pleased when Yang HyunSuk sent all four of them to a large mansion in Hawaii.

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Jinusean‘s opinion about Yang HyunSuk and YG Entertainment, however, was by far possibly the most accurate and honest of them all. He feels that the CEO runs the company with an iron fist.

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We’ll never know for For the full story and opinion, you can check out the video below. There’s a lot more that hasn’t been said by SECHSKIES, iKON, WINNER, and staff members of YG Entertainment about Yang HyunSuk.



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MIXNINE SoRi Gets A Taste of YG’s Savage Roasting

From what we’ve seen so far, ‘MIXNINE‘ has been quite an entertaining audition program so far. It gives us a small insight of what training for YG Entertainment is like for aspiring idols.

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In recent events, CEO and producer of YG Entertainment Yang HyunSuk has caused a commotion amongst netizens for his extremely cold persona exerted towards a MIXNINE trainee. Although everyone is very well familiar with his notorious reputation as an unsympathetic and cold-hearted character spitting criticisms left and right, viewers didn’t take his most recent behavior too well. There have been comments complaining that his latest remarks were plain unnecessary and downright arrogant. Kim Sori, member of the idol group ‘CoCoSori‘, was the unfortunate trainee who was roasted publicly on television by the entertainment mogul. Their conversation went as translated below.


YG: Kim Sori…age twenty eight…you’re quite old. At twenty eight, I feel like you should be getting ready to retire. A little too old to be an idol, don’t you think?

Sori: Well..I feel like it’s the beginning for me now.

YG: I see. Well then, what exactly have you been doing up until all this time?

Sori: I was a trainee for a while. And my affiliated group kept falling apart. But I was finally able to debut as a member of ‘CoCoSori’ last year in January.

YG: (CocoSori) Didn’t turn out very well, right?

Sori: *hesitates* Well we did get to release up to our second single and .. *interrupted by YG*

YG: Well anyhow, the group as a whole failed in the end right?

Sori: *after a brief awkward moment* Yes, and that’s why I’m here. I’ve been active as a member of ‘CoCoSori’, and also even done drama through ‘Real Girls Project‘ and I also …*interrupted by YG again*

YG: For someone who keeps failing at everything, you’re quite an active person.

Sori: *silence* But I’d still like to enjoy life and do what I love doing.

YG: Given your current situation, I don’t think you’re in a position to be enjoying anything.



There you have it. Just plain savage. However, after Sori’s actual audition, he showed a much softer side to him. He went on to say after viewing Sori’s audition that she did well. His attitude may be questionable at times but by the end of the day, it seems to be YG’s way of showing tough love to try and push idols to bring out their best capabilities. Afterall, becoming a successful idol is no joke, especially more so nowadays since the competition has been set higher than before and there are just too many youngsters that are aspiring to become one as well.


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JYP vs. YG: The Standards For Selecting Idols

Park JinYoung and Yang HyunSuk are both no doubt successful CEO’s in their own individual rights, having established the largest entertainment companies in the K-Pop scene.

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What sets them apart from each other is their completely different personalities from each other, and different taste in music as well. If we listen to the artists of both JYP and YG Entertainment, it is pretty easy to tell which artists are part of which label. JYP Entertainment artists typically have a traditional K-Pop sound that is laced with R&B style vocals while most YG artists have a strong western pop-influenced sound.


Big Bang, GOT7, Big Bang Profile, GOT7 Profile

Bang bang bang MV / You Are MV

It turns out the standards that JYP and YG have when selecting idols for their entertainment labels are very different as well. JYP Entertainment places heavy emphasis on an applicant’s general vibe and personality. Park JinYoung has stated that it doesn’t matter if someone can sing well, dance well, compose well. If that person doesn’t have an approachable personality, he feels that it is not only difficult but pointless to try and work with someone like that. He believes that the process and the journey to success are more important than success itself. If someone is lacking a little bit of talent but has a great aura and vibe, he is inclined to usually help and work with that person. But the same can’t be said for the opposite case.


Playing With Fire MV / Cheer Up MV

YG Entertainment, on the other hand, seems to be an extreme opposite of JYP Entertainment. Not only their general sound with music but with artistic personalities as well. Yang HyunSuk himself has said that ‘JYP may place an importance in good personality as one of the qualities he looks for when selecting an idol. I am not like that. I am the complete opposite. If I were to list qualities I look for when selecting idols in the order of their importance it would be talent, hard work, and good personality. I’ve worked in the music industry for twenty years and I know a star when I see one.’ Basically, for YG, it doesn’t really matter what kind of personality an idol has, as long as they are marketable, likable, and have qualities of a star. 


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