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YG Entertainment CEO and founder Yang HyunSuk recently opened up about how he feels about the need to focus on SECHSKIES amidst the controversies that have been sparked by one of its members, Kang SungHoon.

He stated

"I don't think that SECHSKIES should be neglected at the moment. In order for them to maintain the fame and love that they received from fans all these years, a new chapter must begin for them."

Many South Korean news agencies and netizens believe that this is his way of telling them that he is fully aware of Kang SungHoon's recent troubles and the potential detrimental effects it may have on the K-Pop idol group as a whole

Kang SungHoon's controversies include dating rumors with his fan cafe moderator, embezzlement, condescending attitude towards a fruit truck during a live streaming session, and using terms that promote school violence.

But what was surprising was what a spokesperson for YG stated recently.

According to South Korean news agency insight, a spokesperson stated

"Because Kang SungHoon is not affiliated with YG Entertainment, the agency isn't in a position to tell him what to do. It's unfortunate that he will miss out on the SECHSKIES concert due to personal schedule, but there's nothing YG Entertainment can do about it."


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