[BREAKING] YG Officially Announces 2NE1’s Disbandment & Nam TaeHyun’s Leave from WINNER

YG releases a double bomb of terrible news as they confirm the disbandment of 2NE1 and Nam TaeHyun’s leave from WINNER.

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YG announced some of the biggest changes to their artist lineup just a few moments ago. Park Bom has decided to follow Minzy out the YG doors and onto a different path, and Nam TaeHyun has decided to follow his heart to break away from his title as a WINNER member.

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2NE1’s Disbandment

According to news reports, YG has announced the end to one of their K-Pop legend group 2NE1. This past May, 2NE1’s exclusive contracts with the label expired and Minzy had decided to leave 2NE1 and YG for good. Although YG had announced that 2NE1 will comeback as a trio within the year. However, after long discussions between the group and the label, 2NE1 was officially disbanded.

YG stated in their announcement that since May, CL and Dara had resigned with the label to continue as solo artists, while Park Bom did not recontract.

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YG Entertainment

Nam TaeHyun Leaves WINNER

On the other hand, one of YG’s latest boy groups will also be facing a tremendous change. WINNER will now be promoting as a 4 member group as Nam TaeHyun has officially decided to leave the group and the comapny. YG announced just last month that TaeHyun will be taking a hiatus from the group due to his mental health. TaeHyun’s health issue had ultimately delayed the group’s continuation of the EXIT series for months. Although Instagram rumors flew about TaeHyun having conflicts with the company, Inner Circles prayed for the well being and return of the idol, but TaeHyun has unfortunately decided to move on.

After months of discussion, both the label and the idol decided that it would be best for the two parties to separate as TaeHyun felt horrible for being a burden to his teammates who were in their primetime to promote. TaeHyun’s contract was officially nullified on November 18th.

WINNER will be continuing on as a 4 member group without any additional members. Both WINNER and TaeHyun have decided to remain close as both parties expressed their best wishes for each others’ future careers.

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YG Entertainment

With such devastating news of change and the end to some of YG’s most beloved idols, YG stans can only hope for the best of their idols’ future careers. Be strong, BLACK JACKS and Inner Circles!



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RAINBOW is the Next Girl Group to Disband from K-Pop’s 7 Year Curse

K-Pop’s 7 Year Curse strikes again as DSP Media announces the disbandment of Rainbow.

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Just this morning, DSP announced that the 7 members of Rainbow have decided not to renew their contract with the label. According to official sources, the Rainbow members’ exclusive contract with DSP Media will expire on November 12th.

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After a long discussion between the artists and the label, Kim JaeKyung, Go WooRi, Kim JiSook, NoEul, Oh SeungAh, Jung YoonHye and Jo HyungYoung have decided to each go their separate ways. Go WooRi plans on fully pursuing her acting career, while JaeKyung, JiSook, HyungYoung and others will probably go with hosting, acting and modeling paths. JiSook will be finishing off her special duo, “Love Fades” with Oh JongHyuk, and head her own way.

DSP Media closed off in their official statement with, “With hopes that the Rainbow members will continue to shine brightly wherever they go, DSP will continue to fully support the girls’ future activities. We want to sincerely thank the fans who have unconditionally loved Rainbow over the 7 years, and ask for you to cheer on the girls’ new start.”

The label now says goodbye two of their signature groups, KARA and Rainbow, for the year of 2016

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DSP Media

4Minute to Disband While Only HyunA Renews with Cube?

4Minute rumored to officially disband as only HyunA decides to stay with Cube Entertainment.

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Cube Entertainment’s first ever K-Pop child, 4Minute, is under rumors of disbanding. The contracts of each members are coming to a close, and disbandment news are flying all over the place. Only HyunA has been confirmed to renew her contract with Cube Entertainment, while the other 4 members are still negotiating.

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It has been 7 years since Cube’s first group was formed with Kim HyunA, Nam JiHyun, Heo GaYoon, Jeon JiYoon and Kwon SoHyun. After releasing famous hits such as “Heart to Heart”, “What’s Your Name”, “What Are You Doing Today”, “Crazy” and a continuing list, 4Minute has arrived at the inevitable brink where their continuation as a team is questioned.

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Cube Entertainment

Although Cube Entertainment has responded that “nothing has been decided” about the possible disbandment, insiders have revealed that it is highly likely that the other 4 members will seek out other entertainment companies. The main reason, as reported by the insiders, was that the remaining members each have a different career path and style that they each wish to pursue. Some wish to concentrate on acting, while some wish to follow a different path.

It appears that if 4Minute do decide to disband, they will be another victim case of the famous K-Pop 7 Year Curse. Stay tuned while more updates on 4Minute and their future will be posted as they are released.