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Check out if you are the one Yoo SeonHo has been waiting for!

With a baby face but manly body, Yoo SeonHo succeeded to grab attention on Mnet’s “Produce 101 SE2”. Unfortunately, he failed to debut as a member of Wanna One though, he keeps going his own successful way. 

On “Produce 101”, Yoo SeonHo showed off his maknae charm. But sometimes, fans could find that he possess some a certain masculine grace. Although he’s only 16 yet, according to what he says in a interview, all the women can be his ideal type. 

Do you want more? You can see how Yoo SeonHo described his ideal type, below.


Yoo SeonHo‘s Ideal Type

Someone with long hair, no bang. Some shorter than me. Someone cute. Only female.

Idol’s Ideal Type Compilation: Yoo SeonHo


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