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Sometimes he looks like 16 and sometimes like a freshman of the class of 16′.

Do you remember that lovely boy, Yoo SeonHo, who showed off his cute and sweet charm on Produce 101 SE2? Yoo SeonHo recently revealed the plan to have a fan meeting for his first time. Only 5 minutes after the ticketing server of it opened, all the tickets were sold out. On 21st October, Yoo SeonHo will have his first solo fan meeting, ‘The Time Preferred The Most’, in order to repay his fans love so far. 

Lately, Yoo SeonHo showed off his fine acting skills and charms through the web drama ‘Devil Inspector(2017)’. Meanwhile, ‘The Time Preferred The Most’ is named after his name ‘SeonHo’, which means ‘Preferring’ in Korean. How cute! 

You can check Yoo SeonHo’s A to Z here!


Yoo SeonHo Profile

Yoo SeonHo Profile: That Lovely Boy in Produce 101 From CUBE Ent

CUBE Entertainment


Name: Yoo SeonHo

Birthday: November 28, 2002

Hometown: Incheon, Korea

Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: 179.7cm

Weight: 58kg

Blood type: A

Shoe Size: 270mm

Family: Parents, Younger brother, MongSil (Dog)

Position: Vocal

Hobby: Basketball, Playing Piano

Moto: It ends when you give up.

Training period: 1 Year and 2 months


Official Twitter & Official Facebook & V LIVE Channel

Yoo SeonHo Profile: That Lovely Boy in Produce 101 From CUBE Ent

CUBE Entertainment

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i’m sorry but Seonho’s birthday is January 28th 2002 not November, I think you will correct it, thanks a lot:)


love his music!