Yoo SeungHo is for sure an actor you cannot ignore: talented, handsome, charming, and somewhat terribly cute. He grabs our heart again with his first romantic comedy “I’m Not a Robot” (MBC 2017).

Yoo SeungHo is often picked by Koreans as one of the best child actors who grew up to be great actors. He has done diverse genres such as thriller, historical and romance. Among his famous dramas you can find “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” (SBS 2011), “I Miss You” (MBC 2012), “Remember, War of a Son” (SBS 2015), “Ruler: Master of the Mask” (MBC 2017), and more recently “I’m Not a Robot” (MBC 2017).

He decided to do his mandatory military service when his fame was at his peak back in 2013 and finished his service with great honors as an assistant instructor of the Recruit Training Center. Yoo SeungHo is also well known for having no scandal. He is in fact rather kind and polite. He is a cat lover, moreover he likes to do video games and racing.

Do you think loving animals will be enough to be the ideal type of this attractive cat lover?


Yoo SeungHo’s Ideal Type

Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Yoo SeungHo


During his long career, Yoo SeungHo was asked various times about his ideal type. He surely gave detailed descriptions but some of them were contradictory.

Yoo SeungHo: I like someone who is cute and who I can easily talk to. I’m not very tall so she should be about 165 centimeters. I like women with almost the same age, but I think a 4-year age difference is reasonable. As for marriage, I would like to marry a non-celebrity later. I like someone who loves animals as well and a woman who is innocent. She must not lie, she has to be respectful to her elders and I would prefer her to be more attractive than pretty. I don’t look for a beautiful face. I like fair skin.

Originally, Yoo SeungHo stated that he preferred short hair, but his hear shifted for long wavy hair style after coming out of the army. Somehow, he reaffirmed his preference for short hair recently.

Similarly, after military service, he indicated that he fancies a woman wearing a darkcolored outfit along with a cross bag and holding books in her arms. Nevertheless, as in his younger age, he nowadays prefers a woman wearing pants over skirt.

He answered in the past that IU and Park ShinHye were close to his taste.


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