YooChun’s Family Talks About Hwang Hana Threatening Them With Naked Photos



YooChun’s Family Talks About Hwang Hana Threatening Them With Naked Photos


Former JYJ member YooChun recently tested positive for drugs and was seen in handcuffs while being escorted to the police station.

In recent reports, YooChun cited his reunion with Hwang Hana as one of the reasons why he started drugs. South Korean agency JTBC conducted an interview with some of YooChun’s family members and received some shocking statements involving blackmail.

“She took a photo of YooChun naked while he was sleeping and sent it to me.”



One family member talked about how Hwang Hana blackmailed YooChun’s family member when she was unable to get in contact with him. The family member stated that Hwang Hana threatened to leak the photo if YooChun wasn’t found within five minutes.

In addition, another family member stated that YooChun even thought about contacting a lab in the US to see if there was a way to prove that he had drugs in his system due to sexual intercourse with Hwang Hana.

The relative stated:

“He was pulling his hair and insisting that he didn’t do drugs. But I’m unsure about it all.”

An expert pointed out that while it was possible for a man to leave traces of drugs in a woman through semen, the other way around was unlikely.

At the moment, YooChun has already confessed to using drugs while his fans wrote a final farewell letter to the former idol, wishing him all the best in these difficult times.


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