Yoon JiSung and Ong SeongWu broke Park JiHoon's dream on university. Dream against reality!

On April 6th, Wanna One appeared in "Entertainment Weekly" (KBS).

The MC asked Park JiHoon about his dream. He answered that he has one about the university campus, especially eating delicious Chinese food outdoor on campus. The idol is a freshman at Chung-Ang University under the Department of Theatre and Film Design.

Then, the MC questioned Yoon JiSung about his university life as he is an undergrad graduate. He replied, "I think I got drunk almost everyday". All the members laughed. JiHoon then lost his words and only said "you ruined my childhood innocence".

JiSung asking for support added "You all know". Ong SeongWu then commented if you are an university student, "no one should know that you live without your parents" because sunbaes will always ask you to go for drinking.

Yoon JiSung And Ong SeongWu Breaks Park JiHoon's Campus Dream


JiHoon's dream about university seemed to be shattered because of his hyungs. His innocence and hope are very cute, hoping he will release his dream.


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