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Yoon JiSung confirmed the news that he will be enlisting on May 14. As he was born in 1991, he turns 29 (Korean age) this year and has to serve the military.

On Apr. 25, the idol wrote a letter to his fans on his official Daum fancafe.

He shared that he was sorry for his fans as they had to go through the disband of Wanna One earlier this year and now, he has to head to the military too. With that being said, he also apologized for the short promotion period as a solo artist and wished that his fans would stay strong.

Yoon JiSung Apologizes To Fans For Numerous Separations They Have To Go Through

Yoon JiSung Official Twiter

Yoon JiSung continued by saying that he has been grateful for all his fans and wished to continue talking and sharing more with them when they meet in their fanmeeting.

Yoon JiSung is also scheduled to make a final comeback with "Dear Diary" on Apr. 25, 6 pm KST before enlisting.

Are you sad that he is leaving for the military?


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