Former Wanna One member Yoon JiSung recently held his very first solo fan meeting, and invited fellow ex-group member Kim JaeHwan as a guest as well. However, fans didn't seem to be too happy to see the latter for some strange reason.

Yoon JiSung fans were caught on camera cursing out Kim JaeHwan. "What the hell is he doing? Why that little sh*t here and babbling?" can be heard at the beginning of the video clip below.


In addition, other fans were at one point yelling at Kim JaeHwan to leave the stage.


What is difficult to believe and ironic is that both K-Pop stars were in the same group and were very close to each other. And usually, fans are happy to see idols get along with each other and are often even more hyped when they are seen together. However, the fans that showed up to the fan meeting were the complete opposite.

No official statement regarding the incident has been released as of yet.


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Feb 26, 2019 02:24 am

This is why Wannables were/are (I'm not sure which to use,) to be one of the most divided fandoms.